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Wen Bo, born in 1985, lives and works in Amsterdam. 

For me, painting has an inner power that doesn't come from the finesse of brushstrokes or the accuracy of depictions, but from the artist infusing emotions and ideas into the work. I choose to approach painting with a childlike innocence, believing that it should be pure and enjoyable. The process of painting feels like performing a magical ritual, where I solidify my instantaneous emotions and thoughts onto the canvas with paint. I become a solitary witch dancing in my own world, with every painting being a personal ceremony that establishes my inner order; each painting is a completed ritual, like a daffodil's biological clock that remains unaffected by external disguises. Each painting has its own universe. 

When I paint, I don't control the composition; rather, the painting and brushstrokes have their own power and movement. We interact with each other to reach a final harmony, and this moment can be felt. The beginning and end are equally important, and sometimes I can clearly sense the moment when it's time to stop, while other times I know that the painting needs to be put on hold because it's not yet complete. Time and rhythm exist in all things, including my paintings and me

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