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Lois Richard

Lois Richard

The JumpIn exhibition has come to an end, works have found their way to a new owner… time to introduce a new artist on the platform. Meet Lois Richard, a graduate from KABK, based in Amsterdam. Lois works with Japanse risography technique on various surfaces. Dreamlike images, layer on layer, giving them a sculptural feeling. More information about Lois and her work, visit her studio or buy an art work? Get in touch via our connect button on this page.

Artists´ statement

Loïs Richard creates art from memories and imagination. Fleeting matters that are intangible and ever-changing. By physically giving form to these subjects, Richard attempts to hold onto them while maintaining an open character.

Recently, Richard has started a series of textile works on which she prints collages of architectural representations from different places in the world combined with physical scans of flowers and plants, sculptures, archival images, personal photo’s and drawings. She utilizes the Japanse risography technique, a sustainable method of machine screen printing. Richard first riso-prints a series of separate pieces of handwoven natural fabric and then sews them all back together. This process brings the fragmented and manipulated image back together as a whole. By subsequently layering multiple cutouts of fabric and paper as windows on top of each other, hidden layers with varying degrees of transparency are created which is a play-full game for the eye.

The artist herself does not view these works as two-dimensional pieces, but rather as sculptures. They are three-dimensional objects that reveal openings. The images in the works often originate from sculptures, drawings, and photographic collages. With her works, Richard explores the balance between the static and dynamic, the playful and stately, the outspoken versus the introverts, the architectural versus the natural and the influence of architecture on emotions such as grief and a cultural feeling of togetherness. Richard plays with the balance of two- and three-dimensionality, and is breaking with the boundaries of the Risography technique by experimenting and stretching the possibilty by using different materials and bigger scale with this technique. Richard sees her works and subjects as opposites that collaborate and thus lead to new insights.

Interested in Lois' artwork? Contact JumpstArt via the 'Connect' button below for any questions, availability of the three pieces, or to schedule an appointment with the artist directly to see more of their work in her studio.




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