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Wille-Meike Brand

Wille-Meike Brand

Here is our choice of three works by Wille-Meike, it wasn't easy, each work by her hands is extremely beautiful. Her textile works are made of recycled fabrics, sometimes still showing the item that it once was. Through a heating procedure the colours are transferred to another piece of fabric and often more materials and threading are applied. The works are mystical, some stretched to become a canvas, others attached to the wall by a single clasp giving you the feeling the fabric is flowing. To be honest you need to see this work live, we're sure it will touch you the way it touches us! Wille-Meike will be happy to see you in her studio. Make an appointment via the 'Connect' button at this page and we will get in touch with you.

Artists' statement
Wille-Meike Brand (she/her) is a visual artist from The Netherlands, currently based in Rotterdam. Her practice is a continues exploration of new ways to make use of undervalued materials, by rethinking their reversibility. Her experiment based approach has let her to a new textile printing technique, with which she's able to extract the imprint from waste textiles stemming from the endless fast-fashion stream. The technique creates the possibility to restore function to a discarded material. Her process consists of the exploration of existing imagery, which she transforms by deconstruction and reproduction – resulting into an interwoven visual dialogue. The emerging elements create an abstract language through imprints of threads, folds and labels – revealed and captured down to the fiber. Her body of work consists of an interplay between sculpture, fashion and installation.

Interested in Wille-Meike's artwork? Contact JumpstArt via the 'Connect' button below for any questions, availability of the three pieces, or to schedule an appointment with the artist directly to see more of her work in her studio.




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