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Lourens Stuurman

Lourens Stuurman

Apartment buildings, skyscrapers, the repetition of windows and balconies – that is what you can expect to find in Lourens' work. Although the buildings are depicted realistically, the rhythm and paint strokes create an almost abstract image. His work is strongly influenced by architecture. The selected diptych in black/grey/white, depicting the aftermath of a plane crashing into the Empire State Building in 1945, is intriguing both in subject and execution. These three paintings are our picks for today. To see more of his work or any other inquiries, contact us via the 'connect' button below.

Artist's statement

'I have always been interested in architecture. I love creating grids of windows and balconies. Through the facades in my paintings, I can build new realities.

Art can be a way to escape to a better place. Imagine the feeling of looking into a world through a window frame. Or going through a portal to a different world that can be explored. Experiencing something bigger than one can comprehend. Art can really draw you in, and I want my audience to feel the same way.

My paintings reflect a desire for a harmonious world. Currently I am drawn by the city. Contemplating the features of skyscrapers and flats. Rhythm of shapes, and a rhythm that plays with the viewer's eyes. The repetition of windows and balconies produces a hypnotic effect so you can't look away. By painting fragments of structures, the hectic part of the city is left behind and the focus is put on the tranquil architecture. Almost as if time is standing still. My work explores beauty in different perspectives that are not widely accepted, and I’m looking for beauty in non-obvious places.'

Interested in Lourens' artwork? Contact JumpstArt via the 'Connect' button below for any questions, availability of the three pieces, or to schedule an appointment with the artist directly to see more of their work in their studio.




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