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Eva van den Broek

Eva van den Broek

The fresh colours of Eva's work attract the viewer immediately, her detailed paintings of interiors, with a touch of humor to them, her enormous tulip and the lively kitchen scene all painted in fast and fluid brushstrokes. She is intrigued by objects, moving from place to place, finding their perfect location, sometimes out of place, out of proportion or out of perspective. Check out her work online or make an appointment via our link in bio to visit her studio and get a closer look at her interesting work.

Artist's statement
'I have always been afraid of losing memories. Painting allows me to capture objects with memories, create new memories or even merge memories together. My background in theater has sparked my interest in creating atmosphere, spaces and storytelling. These elements can be seen in my paintings, where I play with color, perspective and composition. During my exchange period in Canada at Emily Carr University of Art & Design, I took painting classes and discovered how best to research a specific location. This put me in touch with other people and their memories of a location or object. At first, I limited myself to experimenting and intuitive painting as I searched for my own style. Slowly I realized that I had to paint what I really longed for, otherwise I would never find my own style either. From that point, I didn't care if the perspective wasn't right or the colors didn't match; that all came later. Now I experiment a lot and I enjoy it. I can let go and just because of that I feel that I am increasingly finding my own style and growing at the same time. I am constantly changing.

I get my inspiration from theater, my own or others' objects and spaces with certain atmospheres. My goal is to evoke a sense of curiosity, creating a story open to interpretation by the audience. By deliberately distorting perspectives, I give my own twist to memories, because memories also change, sometimes become incorrect or we make them completely our own. The method of working with oil and acrylic not only allows me to experiment on different levels, it also gives me more freedom to work intuitively and large, but can also slow me down when objects need more care and attention.'

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